Advertising Addicts
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Websites, social media, SEO, analytics, content development.

We listen. We guide. We execute. We will get to know you, your company, and your goals. This helps us customize the right strategy for your needs.

Areas of Practice

Websites (Strategy and Development)

 We will build your website based on your company's goal, apply best practices, the right user experience, and develop content that's SEO optimized to help you rank higher on Google searches. We will teach you how to make updates to it so you are not tied to a vendor for the rest of your life. Don't have time? We offer a low monthly maintenance fee to help you. We want to see you succeed and we will do our part to make it happen. 


The beauty of working with us, is our large network of #advertisingaddicts who are all about creating great work for good people like you. Need a new look for your company? Maybe a new logo? Are you launching a business? Need your business cards designed? We'll put together a branding package that will communicate the identity and essence of your brand and yourself.

community management

You're busy growing your business and managing social media messages can take a toll on your schedule. We are here to help you by training someone in your business to manage it correctly, or run it ourselves. We promise to involve you when absolutely needed, and teach you social media best practices during our relationship.

Social media strategy

Your customers are on Social Media and we know how to reach them. We will develop your social media persona, provide you with best practices for the space, identify your customer, define the content pillars to develop content under, and provide you with an evergreen yearly calendar that will include relevant holidays for your customer and your industry; a moderation strategy and community manager guidelines.

SEO (Search engine optimization)

Digital success is rooted in knowing your consumer, their needs, and what they are looking for online. A SEO optimized website and social media content is imperative as it's the organic (no media dollars) way to get Google and your consumer to find you. 


Public relations

We work with the best of the best. These public relations professionals are a force to be reckoned with. Once your website is up and running, your presence on social media is healthy, and you're ready to host an event and/or amplify efforts via online news, influencers, and more; we will make sure that you shine your brightest.

content development

We will produce content under the approved Social Media Strategy. We will audit your existing imagery and see what works. If necessary, images and/or video will be captured or purchased (many times available at no cost). Content will be developed and provided to you two weeks prior to the month it will be posted. This includes research and the development of blogs for your website or social channels.

Paid advertising

Facebook Ads are the best way to reach your consumer when you have limited dollars. It's precise and effective. Have more to spend? Then we'll sprinkle other tactics into our media strategy. Want your website to rank higher on Google searches? SEM (search engine marketing) is paid media used to amplify our efforts. This is also available and we can explain how it works and how much to invest.


 We love advertising and all agencies behind the work big brands out. Are you an advertising, marketing, or public relations firm in need of any of these services for your clients? We are happy to help. We will provide you with great work and low prices that won't hurt your client's budget or your agency's profitability margin. Contact us. 

measurement and research tools

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